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The concept of workplace health is becoming increasingly relevant as more companies recognise the future success in a globalising market place can only be achieved by a healthy, qualified and motivated workforce.

Without physical health, there is no mental health and mental performance at work. People who suffer physical health problems with invariably have reduced capacity for mental performance and eventually work performance.

We all know that the body and mind are inseparable. The 100 trillion cells in our body , including the brain, requires adequate nutrients to function properly. Healthy nutrition and exercise is the key to enhance and support healthy body and brain functions.

Having a healthy workplace environment ensures flexible and dynamic balance between meeting customer expectations and organisational targets as well as employees skills and health needs.

Workplace health brings about numerous benefits to the corporation; these include:
  • Less turnover and absenteeism
  • Improved morale
  • Increased productivity, job satisfaction
  • Fewer injuries
  • Increased retention and recruitment
  • Improve company image and culture
  • Employees being more resilient to stress and change

Core Services

  • Medication, Basic Investigations & Procedures at competitive corporate rates
  • Advanced investigations and Procedures - Subject to approval from client organisation.
  • Pre-employment examination - Medical Consult and Physical Exam, Visual Acuity, Blood Pressure, Height/Weight, BMI, Urine Dipstick Test and Film-less Chest X-ray
  • Work Permit application/renewal - Chest X-ray, Blood and Urine Investigations.
  • On-site Services - Available for at least 10 staff requiring investigations/screening.
  • Annual Health Screening - Comprehensive health screening packages at corporate rates

Workplace Health Programme Management

OneCare Health Administration helps to relieve organisations of the strain of managing medical administration for a monthly administrative fee.

We provide monthly invoicing and reports on employee health matters taking away the burden of healthcare administration tasks from the company.

Other Services

Health Education

  • Consultancy on WHP Programme Design
  • Corporate Health / Lifestyle Profile
  • On-site & Off-site Health Screenings
  • Employee Health Workshops
  • Travel Health Vaccinations / Advisory
  • Health Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Lifestyle, Health and Interest Surveys
  • Healthcare Utilisation & Disease trend Reports
  • Workplace Health Talks and Forums

Occpational Health

  • Life Saving Training Courses
  • Occupational Health Consultancy
  • Occupational Health Talks and Workshops
  • Workplace Environment Monitoring
  • Employment / Placement / Periodical Medical Examinations
  • Emergency / Contingency Healthcare Advisory

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