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AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is a membership program managed by AIA, which rewards its members with discounts, perks, and various benefits for assessing their health condition and improving their health.

More information about the program can be found here.

The following benefits are available for AIA Vitality Members at all OneCare Clinics:

Vitality Health Check* $18
Vaccination - Flu $25
Hepatitis B Ag + Ab Blood Test $20
​Hepatitis A Ab Blood Test $30
Hepatitis A Ab & Hepatitis B Ag + Ab Blood Test $40
Vaccination - Hepatitis A (Adult) $60
Vaccination - Hepatitis B (Adult) $28
Vaccination - Cervarix (Gardasil4) - 3 doses $360
Advanced Health Screening - Pap Smear $52
Advanced Health Screening - Prostate Screen $50
Advanced Health Screening - Colon Cancer Screen $25

All prices stated are in SGD & are not inclusive of GST.

All prices stated are solely for the services listed above and are not inclusive of doctor's consultation charges (if any).

All prices stated for vaccinations are prices for a single dose of the vaccination.

More than 1 dose may be required. In the case of any discrepancies, OneCare Medical will provide the benefits as stated on this page.

*Vitality Health Check - Please fast for at least 8 hours prior to your visit to our clinic for the Vitality Health Check. Do NOT take food. Small sips of water are allowed.

Questions regarding our offerings for AIA Vitality members? Please contact us here.


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