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Healthier SG with OneCare Medical

What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG is a national initiative by the Singapore Government that encourages all Singaporean citizens and residents to take charge of their health. All eligible residents will be provided with:

  • The ability to choose a preferred family doctor and clinic that will guide their journey to a healthier lifestyle
  • A customised Health Plan that is created by their preferred family doctor to achieve their health goals
  • Access to community programmes that helps to keep residents active and healthy
  • Enhanced subsidies for chronic conditions

How do I enrol?

You may visit any OneCare clinic^ to enrol in the program.

Otherwise, you may also contact us using the button below, and we will assist you with the enrolment process.

Why should I enrol in the Healthier SG program?

Being enroled in Healthier SG will help you to manage your health to prevent the development of serious illnesses as you age.

When enroled in the Healthier SG program, you will receive:

  • S$20 worth of Healthpoints after first consultation that may be exchanged for vouchers from participating merchants such as NTUC Fairprice
  • FREE Personalised health plan that includes lifestyle suggestions and guidance on regular health screenings/appropriate vaccinations that lead to a long-term improvement in your overall health
  • FREE nationally-recommended health screenings and vaccinations (For Singapore Citizens only)
  • Regular check-ins with your family doctor to monitor your progress on achieving your health goals
  • Access to activities such as fitness classes and health talks organised by community partners such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Sport SG.
  • From 2024 onwards, no cash copayment will be required when payment is made via Medisave at your Healthier SG clinic

Healthier SG at OneCare Clinics

The Healthier SG program is available at all OneCare clinics. You will be able to choose a OneCare Clinic to be your Healthier SG clinic, which would then allow our team of family doctors to develop your personalised health plan with you.

Consultation with a doctor at OneCare Clinics

Your Healthier SG Journey at OneCare Clinics

Step 1

Enrol with Us

  • Receive an SMS from MOH with an invitation to enrol for Healthier SG
  • Choose a OneCare Clinic on your HealthHub app
  • Book an appointment for your FREE first consultation at your chosen OneCare Clinic on HealthHub
Step 2

Meet your family doctor

  • Visit your chosen OneCare clinic and meet your family doctor to discuss your health goals
  • Your family doctor will develop a personalised health plan to guide you in achieving your health goals
Step 3

Take Charge of Your Health

  • Follow your Health Plan on the HealthHub app
  • Stay active to meet your health goals by joining community programmes
  • Keep track of your physical activity on the Healthy 365 app
Step 4

Review your progress

  • Check-in with your family doctor regularly to discuss your progress

When can I enrol?

From 5 July 2023 onwards: National Enrolment Program for all

All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will be progressively invited via SMS to enrol to a Healthier SG Clinic.

From 5 July 2023 onwards, citizens and residents aged 60 years and above will receive an SMS invite for enrolment to Healthier SG using the HealthHub app.

SMS invitations will be sent progressively to those aged 40 to 59 years.

If you have not received an SMS, but are keen to enroll in Healthier SG, please visit our clinics to enquire on how you may do so.