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10 October 2019

Our clinics open from 8am, and you will need to be fasted for at least 8 hours. No food or drink (including tea or coffee) should be consumed from midnight prior to your appointment. You should arrive no later than 10am so that your lab tests can be transported safely to the central lab. The packages includes urine and stool analysis. You may pick up your sample bottles at any of the OneCare clinics at your convenience, and bring the samples along with you for your appointment. Alternatively, you can collect the bottles during your appointment itself and bring the samples back when you have them. Ultrasound scans and treadmill ECG tests can be added to our health screening packages. You may find out if these are applicable to you by discussing it with your doctor during your health screening appointment. These are done at our Raffles Place branch, and any OneCare clinic will be able arrange these appointments for you.

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