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Dr Wong Kia Boon

Director of IT & Communications
Family Physician, Clinical Informatician, Designated Workplace Doctor
MBBS (Singapore), MRCS, MMED (Surg), GDFM (Singapore), GDOM (Singapore), DWD (MOM)

Dr Wong currently practises at the intersection between medicine, information science and technological systems. In an early iteration, he had spent much of a decade in surgical wards, operating theatres and ICUs upon graduating from the National University of Singapore in 2003. He was admitted as a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2008 and received his Masters of Medicine (Surgery) in 2010. In a subsequent incarnation, he had ventured out into the community and walked the less trodden paths, practising medicine across a diverse range of settings including hotels, nursing homes, police stations and inhouse clinics. He subsequently received accreditations in Family and Occupational Medicine.

An avid programmer since student days, Dr Wong had served a fulltime stint in the HealthTech industry for nearly 3 years before returning to clinical practice. He is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS), an accreditation in healthcare IT management and leadership accorded by the leading global body in this field, The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) based in Illinois, USA. His special interests include healthcare digital transformation, office-based surgery, sports and occupational medicine.

Dr Wong was a recipient of the Prime Minister's Book Prize in 1996. Outside of clinical practice, he reads, writes, codes, runs, jumps, lifts, stretches and flips.

Dr Wong serves as OneCare’s Director of IT and Communications.

Dr Wong Kia Boon practices at

Hougang (Ave 1)

Dr Wong Kia Boon practices at


Dr Wong Kia Boon practices at

Jurong West