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Dr Ng Wan Qi Sandra

General Practitioner
BMed MD (Australia)

Dr Ng graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2018. She is a driven individual whose journey had taken her from the vibrant shores of Australia, where she pursued her studies, to diverse professional experiences in the medical field. With background experience soaked up during previous postings in internal medicine, cardiology, neurosurgery, primary care and emergency medicine within various hospitals and clinics in Singapore, Dr Ng has cultivated a deep sense of empathy and resilience.

Beyond the confines of medicine, she is often found exploring her passions: indulging herself in cinematic films, and seeking solace in the vibrant outdoors through long hikes and water sports. Dr Ng is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine with the National University of Singapore as she believes in empowerment through knowledge and personal growth.

Dr Ng Wan Qi Sandra practices at

Serangoon North