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Dr Darshana Chandrakumara

General Practitioner
MBBS (Sri Lanka), MRCS (England)

Dr Darshana is an experienced medical professional who graduated from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2009. He furthered his education and attained Membership of Royal college of Surgeons (MRCS) of England in 2017.

With 8 years of dedicated service as a Staff Physician of Orthopaedic Surgery at Changi General Hospital, Dr Darshana has accumulated a wealth of clinical knowledge and surgical expertise. His dedication to patient care is not only evident in his successful treatment outcomes but also in his passion for teaching medical students. Having been involved in teaching for several years, Dr Darshana has been recognized with Best teacher award on multiple occasions and was an examiner at NUH yearly examinations.

Apart from his clinical and teaching commitments, Dr. Darshana has deep rooted passion for medical research. His collaborations with other researchers have resulted in numerous publications in well reputed peer-reviewed international journals. This demonstrates his dedication to advancing medical knowledge and contributing to the scientific community.

With his extensive experience in Orthopedic Surgery, he brings unique perspective to his practice, enabling him to address joint diseases, fractures, wound care and pain management effectively to the community. He is committed to deliver personalized care, keeping up with the latest advancements and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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Dr Darshana Chandrakumara practices at

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