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Dr Chikul Mittal

Public Health Specialist, General Practitioner
MBBS (India), MPH (Singapore), FAMS (Singapore), GDGRM (Singapore)

Dr Chikul Mittal is a seasoned clinician administrator with over 13 years of experience in various government restructured hospitals within Singapore.

A public health specialist trained in community geriatrics, he focuses his clinical skills in care transitions from hospital to home, and caring for vulnerable elderly in the community. As a strong supporter of ‘out of hospital’ care he is actively involved in advocacy around access for mental health and vaccinations.

As an administrator, he has wealth of experience in various aspects of healthcare management including but not limited to clinical quality, accreditation, governance, analytics, care integration, innovation and development of new models of care. With keen interest in translational research, he has published several articles on care-delivery re-design.

Dr Chikul Mittal practices at

Raffles Place

Dr Chikul Mittal practices at

Punggol Plaza